Chiles of Mexico

Pasilla (pah see´ yah) The Pasilla is a hot dried Chilaca chile.
Ancho (onch´ oh) The Ancho is a mild dried Poblano chile.
De Arbol (day are´ bowl) De Arbol is a very hot dried chile
Chipotle (chee pote´ lay) The Chipotle is a mildly hot dried and smoked Jalapeno.
Poblano ( poh blah´ no) The Poblano is a large mild flavorful chile.
Jalapeno (halla pain´ yoh) The Jalapeno is a mildly hot chile which turns red when ripe.
Serrano  (sur ron´ oh) The Serrano is a relatively mild flavorful chile.
Habanero (ah ban air oh) The Habanero is a very hot chile (also called a scotch bonnet).

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